V2Solutions’ content compliance solutions makes your assets accessible for everyone and across all connected devices.

A recent survey of 5,000 developers revealed that when developing apps for multiple platforms, HTML was the technology of choice for a clear majority (41%). HTML5's browser-based nature makes it compatible over a range of devices, with the same HTML5 app being effective across different mobile operating systems, from iOS to Android, Windows Phone to Blackberry and more. HTML5 allows you to reach out to an optimum number of users across all their varied types of devices.

HTML 5 Design and Development

The V2 team has extensive expertise in developing HTML5 compliant applications. We are continuously innovating efficient implementation mechanisms to increase speed-to-market, all while ensuring the highest quality.

For V2, HTML5 development and design is a core area of expertise. For you, the outcome of development with HTML5 is that the cost of developing the app is much lower than creating native apps for each OS. As one part of our process, we have the ability to use your PNG or existing files to produce a high quality HTML5/CSS compliant mockup, so you know what the result will be ahead of time.

Our team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Single-page applications
  • HTML5 browser and device compatibility
  • eLearning modules
  • 2D and 3D Models including rotational behavior
  • Graph plotting for mathematical functions
  • Multimedia (Video, Audio)
  • Graphics (Canvas, SVG)
  • Applications (Data storage, file access, SQL database)
  • Uses CSS3 based development
  • Gaming apps
  • eCommerce sites
  • SWF video files
  • Flash animations

Talk to V2 about your specific development needs today, and get your project moving forward on its way to reaching the widest audience possible.

HTML 5 Development & Design

508 Compliance Testing

The section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires access to electronic and information technology provided by the Federal government. The law applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Federal agencies must ensure that this technology is accessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities.

While testing any multimedia content or a healthcare portal, there are multiple parameters associated with needs of disabled individuals. The challenges might differ with the type of disabilities like blindness and less vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity or combinations of these. We have a list of 42 points checklist, which we adhere to while performing 508 compliance testing.

V2Solutions can help in 508 Compliance Testing, be it any kind of multimedia assets or website. Our extensive test cases and huge repository of knowledge base for tools and technology will suffice the business needs of your enterprises.

508 Compliance Testing

Flash to HTML 5

E-learning, Training, Healthcare, and Media organizations as well as countless marketing departments have huge repositories of Interactive Flash content that had traditionally been consumed on desktops. With the rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets, these enterprises are seeing their existing content potentially becoming obsolete because popular mobile platforms do not support Interactive Flash.

While new content can be developed for these popular platforms, ground-up redevelopment of existing Interactive Flash content for mobile devices is simply not an option for most enterprises. V2 recognizes that the real solution is a high-quality yet rapid solution for transforming this legacy Interactive Flash content to HTML5.

Ready to deploy HTML 5 frameworks such as KineticJS, EaselJS to enable faster development and deployment of applications to multiple platforms suited for e-learning, healthcare etc. Our Flash to HTML5 framework enables us to accelerate speed-to-market for the converted HTML5 content while preserving the richness of the original Flash imagery.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Closed Captioning

Popularity of video streaming service and video distribution over the web has exploded over the years; thanks to Netflix, YouTube, iTunes and numerous Online Video Platforms (OVP). However, there are substantial challenges to make audio and audiovisual information and communication accessible for people with hearing loss in a wide range of situations. In cases where the video libraries are meant for government agencies, universities and non-government organizations, making the content accessible is a mandatory requirement as per Section 508 and ADA. Closed Captioning is an ideal way to make video content accessible.

V2Solutions provides high quality closed captioning and e-captioning services - a workflow for adding closed captioning data to video tapes and files - for web content. Apart from captioning, we also undertake video transcription services.

With technology enablers and state-of-the-art process workflow, we have successfully captioned video libraries for many clients in various web formats. The various types of web captions format which we support includes – QuickTime (mov, smil/txt), iTunes/iPod/iPhone (m4v), Windows Media Player (sami/asx), Adobe Flash (Timed Text xml, cue points xml), Captionate Flash (xml), JW Flash Player (Timed Text xml), Hulu (smi), YouTube (srt), VideoLan VLC (srt) and many more.

Closed Captioning Services
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