Large and small solar companies outsource their CAD services functions to V2Solutions for
lower cost of production, faster turn-around-times, and high quality designs.

With a combination of lower installation costs and improved financing options, solar energy is simply the most efficient and cost-effective alternative to electricity. Customer demand is soaring thanks to the advent of new designs that enhance aesthetics and functionality—so much so that solar installers are finding it difficult to keep pace. Many solar companies are turning now to V2Solutions for design and drafting services in order to reduce operational costs, shorten turn-around-times, and improve overall quality.


V2Solutions' professional team includes specialized talent encompassing a full range of engineering disciplines including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical. We assign our technical project managers to every unique assignment with a focus on process efficiencies and quality output. Fully customizing and integrating our solutions into your business processes, we provide a full range of design and drafting services, including:

  • Detailed roof diagrams, from simple to highly complex designs
  • Production drawings ranging from array layouts and quadrant drawing to permit packages
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) on designs
  • Incorporating design blocks in CAD to automate designs
  • Following a rigorous 140-point check to ensure design precision and quality
  • Strict document change control policies and procedures
  • Creating equipment specification sheets for every installation
  • Generating custom bill of materials according to client's suppliers
  • Expertise in 180+ jurisdictions and 40+ utilities
  • Experience with multiple CAD software tools
  • Providing 24-hour turnaround time on designs
  • Scalable, on-demand workforce trained in all aspects of CAD and the solar movement
CAD Design & Drafting Services


Our architects can develop accurate CAD drawings from any type of format, regardless of whether it's a hard or soft copy. We locate the address using Google Earth and photometry imagery in order to inform our designs. We then use CAD software to draw the actual layout of the building’s rooftop, positioning the solar CAD panels according to specific designs and calculations. We have worked on residential roof mounts, commercial ground mounts or roof mounts, carports, and utility scale solar farms. We pay close attention to detail in producing roof diagrams, ensuring exact pitch calculations, noting obstructions on roofs, allowing for different views from aerial photos, and minding other structural and electrical systems.

We design and draft complete Solar Permit sets, including the site plan, roof plan, bill of materials, electrical calculations and equipment specification sheets. We understand the various AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) and HOA (home owners' association) requirements and/or guidelines and work with various CAD software packages.

To maximize effectiveness of the solar panels in relation to sun exposure, we do 3D shading analysis and solmetric calculations to ensure proper positioning of the solar panels. We are familiar with the Solmetric PV Designer / Solmetric SunEye and with calculation applications like PVsyst. We prepare a variety of solar panel layout drawings, and designs meet the national electric codes (NEC 2008 and NEC 2011) and local municipality standards. Plus, we've worked with numerous NABCEP PV-certified installers.

CAD Design & Drafting Expertise


V2Solutions' niche focus on the Solar Industry for AutoCAD services enables us to understand the nuances of local jurisdictions and utilities, so that you can focus on sales. We understand that Time is Money. Our goal is to produce flexible, yet precise designs - so that you can obtain a construction permit the first time and provide installers with clear, easy-to-follow installation instructions. We have a track record of ramping up quickly with specialized staff to meet the needs of your business. We are here to partner with you on long-term sustainability and deliver to you high quality, efficiently prepared designs at an affordable cost.

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