Businesses of all sizes turn to V2Solutions for automated testing solutions
that reduce testing time while improving the quality of their results.

Though every enterprise tests its products, it still seems as though every delivered product has defects. While test engineers attempt to catch software "bugs" before products are released, even the best manual testing processes miss something. And even once these bugs are corrected, they often have a tendency to reappear. This is a hurdle that countless enterprises struggle to overcome.

V2Solutions' automated testing framework is the best way to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing. What's more, it's affordable for enterprises as well as smaller companies and saves time and money. Automated tests run test steps for you, automating some repetitive but necessary tasks within a formalized testing process. These tests can be run more quickly and more frequently, giving conclusive pass/fail results in much less time than manual testing.


At V2Solutions, Test Automation acts for many of our clients as an agent of transformation. Our proprietary test automation frameworks were developed from open source tools and are designed to reduce effort across all phases of testing, including design, development, scripting, and execution. Our frameworks include a 5-step approach that bridges the gap between clients and our testing center, generating rapid and accurate results.

The 5-step approach is focused on the following philosophy:

  • Automation needs assessment – Based on a comprehensive checklist – identify needs and discern business benefits to be delivered
  • Readiness assessment – Assess automation feasibility and readiness
  • Strategy formulation – Plan and devise a customized automation strategy to realize maximum benefits
  • Implementation – Execute the plan with regular management checkpoints
  • Maintenance – Maintain and optimize to meet goals for quality

Testing Center of Excellence / V2AutoW and V2AutoM

Testing Framework

Drawing on more than a decade of experience in testing, V2Solutions has developed two innovative test automation solutions for businesses: V2AutoW and V2AutoM. These two approaches are both based on a hybrid framework, but they differ in how they are applied—one focuses on being applicable across multiple platforms and applications, while the other is geared towards use in specific real devices and simulators for specific results.

Features of ‘V2AutoW’:

  • Script-less Hybrid Automation framework for the web
  • Application Independent – Reusable across multiple applications
  • Platform Independent and supports Windows, Mac and most popular flavors of Linux
  • Browser agnostic – same script runs for all browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera)
  • Executable in headless mode as well
  • Compatible with Responsive Websites

Features of ‘V2AutoM’:

  • Hybrid Automation framework for Mobile which supports Android and iOS platforms
  • Supports both real devices and simulators
  • Self-Publishing dashboard and reports
  • Cloud and Virtual Machines environment support
  • Application and Platform agnostic
  • Script-less, with a minimal learning curve


V2Solutions possesses strong and proven automation expertise coupled with a scalable, proprietary test automation framework. Our Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) utilizes the right blend of people, process, and technology to deliver best-in-class testing solutions. Our automation factory is helping clients realize transformation 24/7, while delivering measureable cost-savings. Our clients have realized the following benefits in using our V2AutoW and V2AutoM automation frameworks:

  • Reduction in Test Cycle Time by 40%
  • Reducing rework by up to 60%
  • Defect Leakage drop by 15%
  • Minimizing Test Maintenance by 20%
  • 30% savings in the Testing budget
  • A head start into testing from Day 1
  • High customer satisfaction of products
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