As the questions become more complicated, retailers are looking to
V2 for answers to effectively manage and forecast future performance.


V2 assists with an in-depth and accurate analysis of your revenue from sales, pointing you towards making informed decisions regarding your business strategy. We help you determine key variables and calculate business ratios that will give you a true picture of how your business is performing. Compare sales with previous years, allocate resources wisely, and decide whether to expand product lines or abandon them; V2's insights finally let you project present trends into the future.

Revenue Analysis Insight
Personalized Marketing


To deliver a truly personalized and relevant experience requires deep customer intelligence applied to real-time marketing speed, relevancy, and effectiveness. V2 knows how to create right-time, right-person moments that will drive sales and enhance your customer's perceptions of your business. Our loyalty-based targeted marketing platform provides invaluable insights into individual buying behavior--enabling you to target more accurately, increasing foot traffic as much as 20% in stores.


V2 offers extensive experience working on client systems to generate analysis reports for individual merchants and providing analyses of order management across each merchant channel. Examples include bidding reports, performance reports, and weekly client reports including seller metrics with a reduced cycle time incorporating trend analysis, product feeds status, data collection for various channels, etc.

The reports we enable not only help to increase understanding of current performance, but allow for more informed decisions that improve store performance, making sense of the various disparate parameters that can impact sales.

Multi Variant Reporting
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