V2 helps Retail companies unearth additional revenue by combining the power of proximity
detectors, individual buy pattern analytics, and mobile-based personalized push offers.


84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help shop while in a brick and mortar store. How do you best leverage this shopping pattern to benefit your business?

V2's platform combines Beacon, Analytics, and Personalization to attract customers with relevant and appealing offers to your store, leading to 60% higher engagement and 85% higher conversion.

Beacon & Mobile Offers
Beacon & Mobile Personalization


Delivering 1:1 relevant content at just the right moment is key in today’s customer engagement model. Simply put, context matters. Partnering with V2 enables individual retail stores, retail chains, and even restaurants to now deliver highly relevant and individualized offers, recommendations, or rewards to the right person, at the right place and time. This drives 20% more foot traffic, increases basket size, and adds customer loyalty.


Smartphones have become ‘the channel’ for reach, engagement, and conversion--over 1 billion smartphone users access and average of 150 times a day. V2 sees the power in this, and we're dedicated to helping retail enterprises maximize revenue and customer intimacy via mobile and personalization.

Mobile & Personalization
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