POS is a competitive area, with everyone vying for a share of purchasing pattern knowledge. V2 accesses
the kind of consumer information that can help retailers sell more without being an intrusion.


V2 introduced the first fully automated, cloud-based, real-time loyalty marketing platform for brick and mortar. Our platform performs deep customer science using customer big data and real-time signals to analyze, learn, predict, and personalize each customer experience for maximum revenue and engagement at the right time and place.

Loyalty Management Services
POS Management


V2's POS integration solutions help retailers dramatically simplify and streamline critical aspects of their payment operations, including hardware and software integration, transaction management, and business logic. Our solutions enhance productivity, lower costs, and support fragmented industry security standards and certification requirements.


The payment landscape is undergoing a period of rapid technology-driven change. Mobile, online, and social technologies are revolutionizing consumer access and consumption of information, sparking demand for new services that can support multi-channel commerce.

V2 is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest payment technology. We assist our clients with integration and acceptance, whether it be via Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Square, or any of the many solutions on the horizon.

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