Healthcare providers seek V2Solutions as a partner to monetize, transform, integrate,
engineer, and test IT products, all while meeting new regulatory requirements.

A common complaint throughout the industry is that Healthcare IT products aren't solving big enough problems for a large enough market segment due to fragmented requirements from different stakeholders. Add to that a complicated regulatory landscape for digital health products that often hinders innovation, and it's clear why so many organizations are intimidated by product development.

V2Solutions is focused on being a Healthcare IT partner that fully enables innovation and rapid development, delivering superior products with a commitment to the entire development process. With over a decade of experience developing and building software and apps, we know how to simplify the challenges of creating a product better than anyone.

Our success is built on an ability to create customized and cost-effective solutions based on your specific product requirements and goals while ensuring the proper processes are in place to maintain the product and support updates for the long term.

Product Development

Our Process

Customer requirements gathering, needs analysis, and custom solution options
We place a high importance on attention to detail in our assessment and planning stage so that our customers feel confident from the start. Our R&D experts thrive on information exchange as they plan the ideal process for development.

Detailed scoping of customer requirements to minimize the potential for surprises
We assign a lead project manager, engineers, and UI/UX experts to work with you from the outset, ensuring we get it right the first time. We don’t let our customers get sucked into the change-request vortex.

Align engineering resources
We search among our team of hundreds of engineers to draft the ideal resources who can bring our best tools, frameworks, solution accelerators, test cases, and delivery models to bear on your project.

Customized solution build
Our short-term, phase-driven format ensures milestones are met while optimizing customer communication and providing timely feedback on improvements.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)
Our testing expertise delivers timely product releases, significantly reducing the cost of quality while resulting in a superior product release every time. We have in-depth experience with functional, automation, security, and performance / scalability / reliability (PSR) testing, ensuring that your products are not just ready on day one, but will continue to perform over time.

Solution handover and maintenance
Our engineering team is your engineering team; we strive to work as an extension of your own organization. Our goal is to ensure transitions are efficient, and that cost-effective maintenance plans are in place before your custom product is even built.

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