Healthcare professionals across the country are looking to V2Solutions to help them find
innovative IT solutions that serve their customers' needs.

As the Healthcare landscape continues to evolve, there is an insistent need for quality IT service-based solutions that serve providers, payers, patients, and vendors alike. Though organizations are eager to embrace digital health services that reduce costs and improve the patient experience, developing these services remains a challenge.

Working as the Healthcare IT (HIT) arm for our customers, V2Solutions helps them monetize, transform, integrate, engineer, and test products, while smoothly meeting new regulatory requirements. Our expertise in solving technology and content management problems across a variety of industries has given us a fresh perspective, with insight into multi-industry best practices and out-of-the-box thinking. The result is effective, cost-efficient, and innovative solutions for our Healthcare customers.

As a long term partner, we are committed to customizing the right solution for your specific needs, across a variety of spectrums:


Mobile enablement is the future of Healthcare, and our Silicon Valley headquarters gives our mobility experts a front-row seat to the latest enterprise and consumer mobile applications. They bring that knowledge to bear for our customers, leveraging their understanding of emerging technology and the latest user-based trends to develop secure and compliant, refreshing products that put our clients ahead of the curve. Our experts utilize our healthcare mobility framework (HL7, CCD, CCR, SNOMED, HIPAA 4010, and 5010) to help customers mobilize quickly across operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows, with technology capabilities such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Silverlight, PhoneGap, Titanium Mobile API, and Native SDKs.

Healthcare Mobile Services
Healthcare Product Engineering Services


Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a product with known issues, our teams have the expertise to handle your idea, with full end-to-end development focus. They'll bring you intuitive UI/IX design and wire framing, quality engineering, sustenance engineering, professional services and support, product management, technical documentation, platform modernization, and application management. Our flexible business models meet the budgets and requirements of our customers while providing superior quality and maintenance services.


With the advent of e-discovery and the massive growth of unstructured content, you simply can't afford the losses and legal exposure that poor management can bring. Our Healthcare Content Management (HCM) solutions help mitigate these risks, providing timely and easy access to information throughout your organization–whether paper-based systems, electronic systems, or hybrids. In addition, our healthcare metadata solutions simplify coding of information and ensure quicker search and discovery. In short, our solutions integrate the most critical assets within the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare Content Management Services
Healthcare Cloud Services


Our framework can test provider integration with multiple players, is easily configured for new Payer-Provider combinations, and incorporates a configurable business rule engine to validate various business scenarios. With expertise encompassing a range of technologies such as .Net (C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET), Java, SQL, Oracle, Ruby-on-Rails, and legacy, V2 can ensure your products will be integrated seamlessly before actual implementation and migration. From HL7 labs and hospitals, to CRM and medical device integration, to data migration and conversion, our experience drives success for you.


Our specialist Healthcare test architects and engineers excel at meeting tight deadlines and working closely with our clients to develop and plan the best test strategies. Our goal is to ensure not just that your apps work, but that they work flawlessly and meet regulatory compliance standards. We handle: functional testing; performance testing; automation and regression testing; testing strategy development; implementation and go-live testing; compliance testing (HIPAA 5010, MU, ICD-10); tracking product configurations, tolerances, and test sequences; automatic updates and deployments; regression suite management; automatic framework development and maintenance; web, mobile and cloud frameworks, checklists and test batteries for EMR testing and certification, and responsive web testing; white box testing; cross-platform testing, 100% code and data coverage, test beds, test data, and multi-scenario testing.

Healthcare Testing & QA Services
Healthcare Analytics Services


Proper data analysis is critical for reducing costs and enhancing your bottom-line. V2's Analytics and Business Intelligence Competency Center (ABICC) streamlines tool selection, implementation and change control processes, permission control, custom training, metrics standardization, and reporting automation. We also provide expertise in building support desks for enterprise consulting as well as implementation of analytics and business intelligence. The goal—to reduce our clients’ need for resources while maximizing ROI potential.

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