Product owners and merchants turn to V2Solutions to maximize the value of their product catalogs.

Your product catalog is the backbone of your business. Nothing is more essential than providing consumers the detailed and accurate information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. V2Solutions offers an array of digital setup and optimization services to build and enhance your catalog, resulting in improved consumer discoverability, engagement, and conversion. V2Solutions’ unmatched experience in dealing with metadata, images, and videos provides you the insight and enriched data to make the most of your digital product catalog and maximize your sales.


Proper product categorization requires a great deal of time and resources, often becoming a serious burden on a business. It's something that can't be overlooked, however. Products being appropriately classified and accurately matched to each distinctive marketplace is what makes sales possible.

V2Solutions' specialists are uniquely skilled to correctly categorize every product in your inventory, as well as update your products’ categories following systems and navigation changes. When online customers so commonly use site navigation as a means of deciding on a purchase, this type of skill gets the most out of your categorization.

Catalog Categorization


Simply put, metadata is what allows a given product to be found and retrieved when a customer looks for it, as well as properly accounted for when a customer purchases it. For your products, metadata quality—or lack thereof—literally determines whether a purchase is made or abandoned. Consumers make purchases based on that information—as long as it's available to them and correct. As a result, bad data is often actually worse than no data, prompting returns, dissatisfied customers, and negative reviews of a business.

Our product experts at V2Solutions review your product attributes and information, verifying crucial facts via reliable sources. We ensure your listings are complete, accurate, and consistently represented within product lines to differentiate your business in the crowded online marketplace. V2Solutions can also improve your Catalog by adding additional information to enhance its appeal such as information about manufacturers, customer reviews, or warranties.

Catalog Metadata

Rich Media

V2Solutions brings your product catalog to life with Rich Media, ensuring consistent branding across all your marketing efforts, while transforming the customer’s browsing experience. Our Rich Media solutions for product catalogs go well beyond simple product images, encompassing image libraries, instruction manuals, and product videos. We integrate valuable rich media from trusted sources to differentiate your products and entice customers to purchase.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Online research shows that consumers prefer video over text when seeking knowledge and understanding of products before making purchase decisions. V2Solutions can edit, tag, and integrate product videos within your listings to increase customer engagement and online sales.

Catalog Rich Media
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