Industry leaders turn to V2Solutions to create a comprehensive solution to the challenges of digital distribution

All the industry leaders and experts agree: digital distribution of home entertainment content is poised for explosive growth. Reports show that 2013 was a clear turning point for Electronic Sell Through (EST) of home entertainment content. Sales grew by a staggering 50% and topped $1 billion for the first time. The rise in Internet usage on mobile devices, coupled with the rapid expansion of international broadband, is certain to drive double digit growth rates for EST and digital distribution of content globally over the next decade.

As digital commerce's contribution to overall revenue increases, however, content owners and retailers are facing increased pressure to ensure global digital products are released on time, in the correct format/version, and with all necessary country-specific metadata accurately in place. This leaves some major questions that could stand in the way of EST growth.

V2Solutions' Digital Store Check represents a single, all-encompassing answer to those questions.

Digital Store Check

Content owners do not have a systematic method to track the arrival, placement, pricing, and the promotion of their titles across all digital channels. V2Solutions' Digital Store Check fills this gap, enabling content owners to manage their brand presence across all their global channels. We provide active channel monitoring to ensure retailer compliance on "street day," and also to provide valuable market intelligence across competitors and channels over time.

The Digital Store Check system begins with content providers sending us their available titles across territories and storefronts. V2Solutions tracks the placement, pricing, and promotion of those titles across global EST and MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) providers. Subscribers to Digital Store Check receive a login to a SaaS-based portal with a summary dashboard, as well as detailed metrics and screen grabs of any activity that the content provider wishes to capture.

Digital Store Programe


  • Monitoring -- Receive near-real-time data on placement, pricing and promotion of titles across global, digital storefronts
  • Dashboard -- All of your important metrics displayed on one screen with drill-down capabilities
  • Custom Reporting -- Design your own filters and reporting modules, including reports sent to your email
  • Alerts -- Events such as critical errors on pricing or policy trigger an automated email
  • Evidence -- View screenshots of compliance violations to take remedial action
  • Archiving -- Save reports and screenshots for further analysis or legal compliance


  • Confirm compliance – your title’s availability, its metadata and pricing
  • Generates fact-based conversations with your retailers on what actually happened
  • Screen grabs provide permanent records of placement, metadata, and other aspects of your titles
  • Obtain broad data sets on pricing for analysis
  • Capture and analyze competitor actions (pricing, placement, etc.)
  • Ensure consistency of brand presence across all channels
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