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Across the industry, the consensus is clear: the imagined Electronic Sell Through (EST) potential for digital distribution is now a reality. Content providers throughout the world recognize the opportunities before them and have made digital distribution their top priority. With these opportunities, however, come a new set of challenges to the digital supply chain— how to best distribute media across various international boundaries and cultures with no standardized delivery format to focus on. With vendors including online retailers, video game console makers, and the studios themselves, the potential for problems with EST is almost as significant as the potential for revenue.

Digital HD Opportunities

Enter V2Solutions. We have been working in digital media across numerous platforms for many years, with many media and entertainment giants already relying on us to meet their needs. Like those studios, we have a deep appreciation for the potential in EST—we're looking at the same amazing numbers that they are:

“The consumer response to early EST has been very positive. In fact, we’re seeing material increases in digital ownership across the industry. EST has been up 50% each quarter this year and the number of retailers offering EST continues to grow.” – Ron Sanders, head of Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution

“On most new releases, digital purchases now make up between 10% and 15% of home entertainment revenue. Only a few years ago, the business was virtually non-existent. Our belief is, there are about 40 million consumers that are digitally active who have not started a collection.” – Mike Dunn, home entertainment president for 21st Century Fox

“Early digital exclusives are something we’re watching closely at Paramount, and so far the results have been very positive. We’re seeing strong gains on EST, which is our most profitable channel on a per-transaction basis, and no signs of material cannibalization on our other platforms.” – Amy Reinhard, EVP and GM of domestic home media distribution for Paramount Pictures

Those are statements from three entertainment giants, all saying the same thing: digital distribution is happening now, and your media and entertainment business needs to be ready. Let V2Solutions perform the heavy lifting for your studio so that you can focus on your core business of creating and promoting great content. Leverage our years of experience in managing digital media and get out ahead of the curve in territories across the globe where you can establish a foothold today.

Digital HD Opportunities

Challenge of Non-Standard Delivery

In the absence of standardized delivery formats and mechanisms, V2Solutions is seeing large media and entertainment companies being forced to prepare custom packaging according to each retailer's specification. The contents of each package are often based on complex business rules such as time-window, rights, geography, language, and format. Compounding this challenge is the fact that digital supply chain management is relatively new for many distributors, which requires media companies to staff-up and locate knowledgeable outsiders to assist. Regardless of available resources, this is exceptionally challenging; media and entertainment companies simply can't keep up with every new digital distribution opportunity. Time spent on the details of content delivery is time not spent on content differentiation, marketing, and revenue enhancements.

There's a real need for solutions to the issues surrounding non-standard delivery. This is where V2Solutions' depth of experience and domain experience in managing digital media are unparalleled. We work collaboratively with clients to develop a comprehensive delivery plan that aligns with their business strategy, fills in their operating gaps, and ensures end-to-end accountability and success. Even if leaders in the industry don't yet know how to make this work, we do.

Supply Chain Solutions

For most content providers, distributing digital content globally requires a major, specialized effort for which they are unprepared. Ramping up digital distribution requires investment in many areas including modifying financial systems to accommodate incremental product SKU's; translating metadata and cover art; obtaining international ratings; maintaining a central repository of assets, artwork and metadata; standardizing digital packaging; and defining new business processes to manage end-to-end workflow.

Content providers are, in effect, building a new business for which supply chain activities are inextricably linked. Rather, transformation requires diligent analysis, planning and execution by experienced industry leaders. Our Supply Chain Solutions make that transformation not only possible, but efficient and effective. Our execution plans accelerate time-to-market with reduced cost and risk. We employ a blend of onsite and offsite teams comprised of analysts, engineers, technical operations managers, project managers, and content experts. There's no need to "build a new business" because we've already got everything in place for you. Our full suite of services to enable digital distribution ranges from product setup and asset registration to metadata management and packaging and delivery. And it's ready now.

The question is no longer IF content providers will make their titles available to global retailers, but rather HOW they will proficiently do so. V2Solutions is the industry's best answer to that question.

Supply Chain Solutions
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