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Digital delivery has opened new avenues for content providers and distributors to connect with media consumers worldwide, but it has also exposed many challenges in serving such a diverse audience. V2Solutions is the strategic partner that media companies engage when seeking to distribute their content from Azerbaijan to Zambia - and everywhere in between. For more than a decade, V2Solutions has provided localization services to the largest media and entertainment companies, serving more than 100 international markets. From translations and artwork to navigating complex country-specific ratings systems, V2Solutions' international expertise is second to none.


Movie and television ratings signal viewers about the contents of a program, helping them determine what titles are appropriate for their tastes. Providing basic guidance about profanity, violence, or mature content within a title, ratings vary greatly according to local cultures and customs. For example, in the U.S. films with sexual content are restricted to adult viewers, while France and Germany are much more relaxed. On the other hand, European countries are typically more restrictive about films with violence.

Individual movie ratings are issued in the form of a "ratings certificate" by that country's Ratings Board or equivalent. The actual process of rating varies between countries. Some of them have boards or agencies which are affiliated with the industry and are explicitly non-governmental: Britain, the United States, and South Africa. Meanwhile, it is left to the government to perform that same role in places such as the UAE, Australia, and Mexico. To further complicate matters, several territories have no ratings agency at all - such as Vietnam, Croatia, or Armenia – and still other countries explicitly choose not to rate digital content, such as Israel.

There are no global standards nor unified practices regarding ratings. The entire process for soliciting and obtaining local ratings is unique to each country, difficult to discern, and complicated to manage.

International Distribution Ratings

V2Solutions' Approach to Ratings

V2Solutions is the only service provider to act on a content owner's behalf in obtaining local ratings from 100+ global territories. V2Solutions has developed relationships with local governments, industry committees, and affiliates worldwide to offer a scalable, affordable service to global media companies. We follow an established process that has, to date, found, mapped, and obtained thousands of ratings for hundreds of titles in dozens of countries. We call it Find, Map, or Obtain.

In some cases the title may have been rated in that territory, but it is not accessible. This could be a result of many things – maybe the rating was sought for theatrical or physical, maybe it was obtained by a different licensor, etc. No matter the case, V2Solutions can locate that rating and match it to your title in that territory. Certain territory/retailer combinations make it acceptable to map a rating from one country to another. For example, Vietnam will accept Russia's ratings. A combination of years of experience, pure research, and proprietary tools means that V2Solutions can map a rating if accepted and appropriate.

Ofcourse, there will be some title/territory combinations that lack ratings. For these rare instances, your local office can apply for ratings in many key markets. In markets where you do not have a local office, V2Solutions will apply for ratings on your behalf and manage the process in its entirety.

International Distribution Ratings


Communicating the same message in another language goes well beyond words. While occasionally amusing, poor translations can be embarrassing or even offensive. V2Solutions knows how to translate metadata for local audience relevance and appeal – while remaining true to brand voice. V2Solutions utilizes a blend of in-house, outsourced, and local translators to translate metadata according to culture, customs, and context.

We offer professional translation services from qualified, experienced translators in 50+ languages across 100+ regions. Typically, other translations fail due to a lack of understanding of the subject matter or not adhering to the brand voice. Avoiding these types of issues is where V2Solutions excels. We've been delivering high-quality, translated metadata for over a decade and manage the entire process end-to-end, so that you won't have to.

International Distribution Translation


Not having box art is a disaster, and having lame or uncompelling box art is a lost opportunity. V2Solutions gets the language of the artwork correct, managing the production of the artwork completely. We work with local production companies to disaggregate the layers in a digital artwork file and extract the language and font layer. Our network of translators localizes the title for each market, and the completed artwork and translation are then sent to production.

International Distribution Artwork
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