The world's largest studio and broadcasting companies hire V2Solutions to enhance and improve the quality of their media-related data.

In the simplest terms, metadata is data about data. For digital media assets, it is the embedded descriptive information that stays with the file. Metadata is what permits an asset to be catalogued, searched for and retrieved, and properly accounted for upon sale. Every file must have accurate metadata for a database to function properly. But more than that, metadata powers all aspects of a business--from marketing and legal to distribution and finance. The importance of metadata today cannot be overstated: Complete and accurate metadata is the linchpin that can unlock hidden value in your assets by delivering the right product to the right customer at the right time.


Consumers make purchases based on the information available to them. For digital products and services, metadata quality—or lack thereof—literally determines whether a purchase is made or abandoned. Data Cleansing focuses on standardizing and transforming metadata to ensure its accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Cleansing media assets, however, is not a simple exercise in finding misspelled words and duplicate records. Achieving high quality results requires deep domain expertise to overcome common metadata challenges. Though these issues are common, they're often deeply ingrained and difficult to find, including multiple identities for a single artist, multiple title names, multiple release dates, and unknown ratings.

With over a decade of experience managing metadata, V2Solutions has developed a skillful balance of machine algorithms and human intelligence to provide high quality, scalable services at affordable prices.

Metadata Cleansing


Aside from basic metadata fields, V2Solutions helps you determine the metadata elements that will have the highest impact on your business. Comparing your data set to our Master Metadata Key, we highlight and suggest value-add elements such as awards, social media ratings, or cross-marketing genres to make your content easier to discover and more attractive to buy.

V2Solutions' expert teams know how to research, identify, and incorporate third-party material--what we refer to as Collect, Collate and Create. We apply your specific business context to creating descriptive and visually-rich information that will enhance your products. Whether you want to capture online cover art, crowd-source images, or aggregate customer feedback from various online listening posts, we can incorporate it all.

Metadata Enrichment

Data Governance

Having great data is a necessary prerequisite to launching a great product-but effectively leveraging that data is what ensures success. Data governance involves planning for how data will be used within products, then establishing efficient processes and standards for doing so. V2Solutions conducts in-depth planning with its clients to ensure that the right information is made available in real-time—and that appropriate connections are made between different types of data. We capture how data is being applied for decision-support across the enterprise to standardize data definitions. This creates a unified view of products, customers, and business growth.

It’s this close linkage of business requirements and technical operations (a serious void in most companies) that sets V2Solutions apart. By keeping our eye on desired business outcomes, we intuitively make the right decisions faster across entire governance projects to prevent the degradation of your data over time.

Data Governance


Quality data is important to executives across the entire enterprise, from the CIO and CTO to leaders of Technical Operations and Marketing. What these roles have in common is a need to know their data is of real quality and can be trusted for obtaining business insights. Until recently, enterprise business intelligence has given business leaders the ability to use their data to understand only what happened in their businesses and why it happened.

Understanding the past alone is no longer sufficient. Business managers must know what is happening right now, what will happen next, and what actions must be taken to achieve desired outcomes. V2Solutions makes understanding your data our business. Our experience provides you with actionable insights that enable you to make informed decisions about your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Data Analytics
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