Music industry leaders have looked to V2Solutions for over a decade,
relying on us for the tools necessary to keep pace with evolving consumer listening habits.

More than any other industry, Music has experienced an ongoing series of challenges brought about by the rise of digital media. Changes in consumer preferences have led to exciting new business models, with the overall industry now seeing notable growth.

As a pioneering force in creating metadata-rich music databases, V2Solutions has worked in partnership with industry leaders throughout this evolution, helping them leverage their media assets in innovative ways. Where the advent of global audiences, cutting-edge devices, and an array of platforms have stymied some companies, V2Solutions has ensured; and our clients remain fully enabled to benefit from this growth—not be held back by it.


The music industry was the first media sector to realize the importance of metadata. With lyrics, track listings, liner notes, and an array of artist and album information available, consumers immediately embraced search as a means of discovery.

V2Solutions has a level of experience in this area second to none. We've processed many millions of metadata entries across countless categories. Tracks, Lyrics, Cover Art, and Profiles are just a sampling of categories in which we've populated more than a million entries per category. For one provider alone, this involved the aggregation and strengthening of digital lyrics covering over 60 years of music in multiple languages.

Music Services
Music Metadata


Even as strategic priorities shift and evolve based on market needs, the importance of mission critical business operations remains a top priority. V2Solutions is unique in its component approach to metadata management, tightly integrating with our clients’ systems and workflows. We define a unique set of business rules and SLA’s (service level agreements) for each client, which we perform to. Maintaining an agile operation enables our clients to focus on what they do best, while we handle the processing for digital content metadata in the background, concurrent to their normal business. Sample packages include:

Metadata Creation, Aggregation & Research:

  • Primary metadata -- artist, album, release date, language, album label name, genres, etc.
  • Secondary metadata - album artist, song titles, location, composer/author, publisher, producer, rights holder, etc.
  • Technical metadata -- format, size, duration, bit rate, sample rate, channels, encoder, etc.
  • Editorial -- description, musicians, credits, etc.
  • Artwork
  • Social -- ratings, reviews etc.
  • Fingerprinting
  • Lyrics
  • Music video
  • Translated metadata and artwork

Monitoring & Reporting of Metrics and Key Operations:

  • Input Analysis - data qualification and assessment
  • Measurement - SLA coverage, cycle times
  • Data Quality - ongoing certification and review
  • Reporting - data dashboards, stakeholder review, and communication

Catalog Monetization

V2Solution’ catalog monetization offering assesses linear assets – clips, tracks or albums --and increases their value to consumers, supply chain partners, and distribution platforms. Simply put, this brings new value to assets you already have, finding new and compelling associations amongst assets that keep your customers engaged with your catalog. We work to configure content pieces for optimal recognition and discovery and global audiences. Our work makes bundled promotions and related merchandizing easier and more effective. Our services enhance the transaction value of your titles and increase awareness of the deeper value within your catalog.

Music Catalog Monetization
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