V2Solutions was the first service provider to insert time-based tags within online videos,
enabling power search and retrieval, and driving consumer engagement.

Search engines may be very smart, but they still cannot watch your videos. The actual content within videos remains invisible to search engines and consumers looking for something to watch.

The solution involves indexing videos using metadata – titles, descriptions, and tags. This gives search engines something to latch onto. Plus, it makes rich, relevant, and optimized metadata for every video essential for your target audience to discover your content. Time-based tags are used to highlight moments within videos and create associations between your content and the information you provide. They can enable consumers to search for your video by actor, location, products, brands, sentiment, and much more. With over a decade of experience moderating and tagging online videos, V2Solutions can enhance your video library's value exponentially.


No matter the focus of your business, quality is the watchword regarding the videos presented on your site. But managing and monitoring the multitude of visual media that finds its way onto your pages can be an overwhelming task. V2Solutions offers real-time moderation of videos with greater than 99% accuracy and at a lower cost than other outsourced moderation service providers.

We can view entire videos end-to-end or check predetermined intervals for compliance. Employing a blend of technology tools and human reviewers allows us to ramp up quickly, scale efficiently, and monitor quality according to your specific standards. Based on your custom policies, our trained personnel provide consistent, objective judgments in the following areas:

Editorial Compliance
  • Potential copyright violations or trademark infringements
  • Sexually explicit or inappropriate content
  • Appropriate ratings
  • Duplicates or limited commercial value
  • Unauthorized use of celebrities or buildings
  • Inaccurate, not relevant, or missing metadata
  • Incorrect categorization
  • Missing videographer credentials
  • Missing model and/or property releases

Technical Compliance
  • Video playtime
  • Supported file formats
  • File size
  • Audio loudness, distortion and synchronization
  • Encoding errors
  • Timecode continuity and integrity
Videos Moderation


Accurate, descriptive metadata in the form of tags enables consumers to find your videos when they are searching online while allowing your videos to be recommended as additional, relevant content. Metadata is also used to generate short descriptions of your videos in actual search results, which increases the number of consumers who click to view your videos. We create video tags--or metadata--that support any business objective from search and retrieval to engagement and monetization. We combine technology and people-driven processes to offer scalable, affordable services built on a decade of experience managing digital assets.

Videos Tagging

Time-based Metadata

Time-based metadata is descriptive information related to a particular actor, scene, or moment of a video, film, or TV episode. Unlike ordinary metadata that describes the video, time-based metadata highlights moments within the video. It signals the precise moments that actors, product brands, landmarks and more are on the screen. Time-based metadata unlocks the value of the video asset by making it easy to clip and share scenes within films, advertise during a film, and better engage the viewer.

Time-based metadata provides new, nearly endless opportunities for content providers and distributors to maximize the value of their video assets. At specific time-codes, viewers can receive related content such as information about the actor on their screen or a "Buy Now" button when a product is displayed. Social hashtags can also be stored as time-based metadata for particular episodes or scenes, so they can be easily retrieved within a community environment or social context.

In short, time-based metadata is emerging as the most important component of unlocking new revenue sources. As a pioneer in this area, V2Solutions can ensure the value of your video assets is unlocked with valuable time-based metadata as part of the master title record.

Videos/Time Based Metadata


The need to deal with massive volumes of data while maintaining high quality and affordable pricing is one V2Solutions knows well. Our application programming interfaces (API) provide a robust and seamless pipeline for receiving and delivering content files. Our proprietary analysis engine examines the work to be done and assigns it to the appropriate service queue.

To handle processing effectively, we employ a hybrid workforce model comprised of in-house talent and skilled personnel in affiliate networks, breaking down large-scale data processing efforts into small, manageable tasks that can be completed efficiently and with high-quality output.

Unlike crowdsourcing, which utilizes an unmanaged crowd, V2Solutions consistently employs the same set of highly-trained workers and includes on-site team leaders to oversee their output. Skilled project managers work with you to define each project, including custom policies and workflows, and they provide clear reporting to measure your return on investment. Simply put, V2Solutions’ approach to video processing solves all the major roadblocks facing businesses today.

Videos Approach / Video Processing
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